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Unfair competition. Unfair competition lawyer in Bulgaria – Mr.Atanas Kostov.


Unfair competition is any act or omission in the conduct of business which is contrary to good commercial practice and harms or is likely to harm the interests of competitors in their relations with each other or with consumers. Kostov & Partners has a long-standing practice in unfair competition cases involving legal representation before the Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) and the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC). Attorney Kostov has also made a scientific contribution to the development of doctrine on the subject, as he is the author of a number of articles and publications focusing on unfair competition, which help to solve specific practical problems in the field of competition law.

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How to register a trademark in Bulgaria? Trademark attorney in Bulgaria - Mr. Atanas Kostov.




1) Trademark applicants can be both Bulgarian natural and legal persons and foreign natural and legal persons acting before the Patent Office through a local industrial property representative. Bulgarian law does not necessarily require the applicant to be an industrial or commercial enterprise which produces or markets the goods or provides the services for which it wishes to register the trademark. 


In order to obtain the registration of a trademark, it is necessary to file an application with the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria - directly, by mail, by fax or electronically. When the application is filed electronically, the identification of the applicant and the industrial property representative by a unique identifier and an electronic signature within the meaning of the Law on Electronic Documents and Electronic Signatures are not required. In case of filing by fax, the original documents must be received by the Patent Office within one month from the date of the fax. The date of transmission of the fax must be clearly indicated on the original documents sent.

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How to protect copyright in Bulgaria? Copyright attorney in Bulgaria - Mr.Atanas Kostov.



An author is any natural person who, as a result of his creative activity, creates a work in the field of literature, science or technology. 

The author is presumed to be the person whose name or other identifying sign appears on the work.  In some cases, the author is a legal person - for example, in the case of computer programs created within the framework of an employment relationship (according to Article 14 of the Bulgarian Copyright and Related Rights Act).


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