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Unfair competition. Unfair competition lawyer in Bulgaria.

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Unfair competition. Unfair competition lawyer in Bulgaria – Mr.Atanas Kostov.


Unfair competition is any act or omission in the conduct of business which is contrary to good commercial practice and harms or is likely to harm the interests of competitors in their relations with each other or with consumers. Kostov & Partners has a long-standing practice in unfair competition cases involving legal representation before the Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) and the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC). Attorney Kostov has also made a scientific contribution to the development of doctrine on the subject, as he is the author of a number of articles and publications focusing on unfair competition, which help to solve specific practical problems in the field of competition law.

The Commission for the Protection of Competition is the empowered state body that enforces the Competition Protection Act, the Public Procurement Act and the Concession Act. The activities of the CPC are related to the detection of infringements of free competition, the provisions of Articles 81 and 82 of the Treaty establishing the European Community, cooperation with the European Commission and other national competition authorities of the Member States of the European Union, under Regulation (EC) No 1/2003 and Regulation (EC) No 139/2004, carrying out sectoral analyses and advocacy for competition. Under the Public Procurement Act and the Concessions Act, the Commission examines complaints concerning the unlawfulness of decisions, acts and omissions of contracting authorities or concessionaires in a procurement or concession procedure.


The acts and omissions constituting unfair competition are the following:

Damage to the reputation and credibility of competitors, as well as to the goods or services offered by them, by asserting or disseminating false information or by misrepresenting facts. 

Attributing, by advertising or otherwise, non-existent qualities to goods or services when compared with those of competitors, and attributing non-existent disadvantages to the goods or services of competitors. 

Misleading by omitting or concealing material defects or dangerous features of the goods or services offered. 

Imitation by offering or advertising goods or services with an appearance, packaging, marking, name or other features which mislead or are likely to mislead as to the origin, manufacturer, seller, manner and place of production, source and manner of acquisition or use, quantity, quality, nature, consumer characteristics and other essential features of the goods or services. 

Unfair solicitation of customers by unfair competition aimed at attracting customers, resulting in the termination or breach of contracts with competitors. 

Prohibition of the disclosure of manufacturing or trade secrets by the knowledge, use or disclosure of a manufacturing or trade secret contrary to good commercial practice. 

What else does Kostov & Partners offer in relation to competition law (in particular unfair competition) and public procurement:

- Legal advice from a lawyer in relation to public procurement; 

- appeals of public procurement to the CPC by a lawyer;

- competition aspects of franchising and licensing agreements;

- advice from a lawyer in relation to cartel law;

- advice from a lawyer in relation to concentration of business activities;

- oral and written consultations, drafting of written statements and legal defence by a lawyer in connection with proceedings for protection against unfair competition under Article 29 of the Competition Act, imitation under Article 35 of the Competition Act, before the Commission for Protection of Competition in Sofia;

- legal representation by a lawyer in disputes concerning unfair competition before the CPC and the Supreme Administrative Court; 

The website of Kostov & Partners contains numerous articles and court decisions in the field of competition law, which can provide a starting point and a guideline for solving your practical problems in this area. If you need a consultation with a specialist in the field of unfair competition, cartel law or public procurement, please contact Atanas Kostov.


If you need an unfair competition lawyer in Plovdiv, please contact the Kostov & Partners team here and now:

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