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Real estate transactions.


The team of Kostov & Partners has extensive experience in the field of property law, offering you legal representation in all types of property disputes, as well as drafting the necessary bond agreements related to transactions for the purchase and sale of property and the establishment of property rights. In this context, Kostov & Partners provides you with the following legal services:


- Real estate purchase and sale transactions - preliminary contract and notarial deed;

- Deeds of co-owned property. Restitution claims under Article 108 of the Law on Property;

- Cases relating to wills - inauthentic or false;

- Transactions relating to acquisition of property by prescription - verification of circumstances;

- Property inheritance cases;

- Partition of property - voluntary and judicial;

- Preparation and conclusion of lease agreements. Comprehensive assistance in settling tenancy relations;

- Establishment of building rights - superficies;

- Transfer of property for maintenance and care.


"Kostov & Partners will also assist you in the establishment of a mortgage or lifetime right of use on real estate, as well as in the hypotheses of division of family property after divorce, which are in the matrimonial property community regime. "Kostov & Partners will also represent you in negatory claims under Article 109 of the Property Law against harmful acts of others, renunciation of inheritance and any other legal issues arising in the field of property law. 


Should I consult a lawyer in real estate transactions?


Frequent real estate frauds require legal action by a lawyer who is a professional in the field of property law. This requires a detailed knowledge of the property's documentation and tracing the entries on its lot in the Property Registry at the Registry Agency. Any buyer is at risk of being able to purchase a property, along with a real estate encumbrance on it, if they have not thoroughly researched the transaction beforehand.

Any legal action related to real estate purchase, donation or establishment of the right of use is associated with notary fees, as well as payment of registration fees and local taxes. Consultation with a specialist will reduce some of the unnecessary costs and legal actions, validating the certainty of the intended end result.


If you need a lawyer to represent you in a real estate transaction or a property dispute in Plovdiv, please contact the team of Kostov & Partners here:


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