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Trademark registration.


The team of Kostov & Partners provides consultations in connection with the application for trademarks at the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria in Sofia. We are also pleased to advise you on filing a European Trademark (EUTM) and an international trademark. "Kostov & Partners also offers litigation support in trademark disputes, also provided by Atanas Kostov, who has many years of experience in court in conflicts of interest in trademark law, as well as in opposition, cancellation and revocation proceedings in the Patent Office. 


Industrial design registration.


Kostov & Partners Law Firm carries out the activity of applying for a national industrial design at the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria in the city of Sofia. In the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria in Sofia, as well as European and international industrial design. What are industrial designs and what legal opportunities do they provide? The right to an industrial design is acquired through its registration at the Patent Office in Sofia, at EUIPO, Alicante or at WIPO, Geneva. The term of validity of an industrial design registration is 10 years from the date of filing the application. The right to apply belongs to the author or his successor in title.  


Copyright protection. 


The lawyers of Kostov & Partners offer you the option to professionally protect your copyrights. The services that Kostov & Partners presents in the context of copyright protection are divided into several stages: procedural defense of the author in court by a lawyer, in case of copyright infringement, both in criminal and civil disputes in this regard; mediation in copyright disputes; registration of artistic groups and artistic pseudonyms; preparation of documents for registration under the law on administrative regulation of production and trade in optical discs, matrices and other media containing copyright objects. "Kostov & Partners has the appropriate experienced copyright attorneys to carry out each author's legal defense. This professional legal assistance consists not only in representation in proceedings before the courts and the prosecutor's office, but also in the implementation of border measures as well as the administrative and punitive measures provided for in the UCCPA. 


Domain registration and copyright protection of websites. 


The team of Kostov & Partners offers you a comprehensive consultation on building and protecting your Internet business. We will explain how to buy the right domain and how to protect it legally against unscrupulous third parties. The lawyers of Kostov & Partners will also advise you on the best ways to protect your website, its content, functionality and accompanying copyrights. We at Kostov & Partners will draft the necessary binding terms and conditions for you as professionally as possible to protect your website and provide users with clear criteria for the use of the site, regarding their rights and obligations.


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