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Company registration and re-registration in Bulgaria.



The team of Kostov & Partners offers you express professional services in the registration and re-registration of your company in Plovdiv, namely:  


- registration of sole proprietorship,

- registration of EOOD,

- registration of LLCs(OOD),

- registration of EAD,

- registration of JSC,

- KDA registration,

- registration of limited liability company,

- registration of cooperatives,

- registration of non-profit legal entities - associations and foundations.


Conversion of commercial companies


The team of Kostov & Partners can advise you on the transformation of your commercial company. Commercial companies can be transformed by merger, amalgamation, division, separation and spin-off of a sole trading company, as well as by change of legal form. In all forms of conversion, the converting, receiving and newly established companies (the companies involved in the conversion) may be of different types, unless otherwise provided by law.


A sole proprietorship may also be converted by transferring all its assets to the sole proprietor if he is a natural person. Upon conversion, the partners or shareholders in the converting companies become partners or shareholders in one or more of the newly established and/or receiving companies. The shares acquired after the conversion shall be equivalent to the fair value of the shares held before the conversion in the converting company. The members of the management bodies of the converting and acquiring companies shall be liable to the members and shareholders of the company for damages resulting from their failure to perform their duties in the preparation and conduct of the conversion.Upon conversion, existing liens and encumbrances on shares in the converting companies shall pass to the shares acquired in exchange in the acquiring and/or newly established companies. The passing pledges and liens shall be entered, either ex officio or at the request of the creditor, in the commercial register or in the register of shareholders kept by the company or by the Central Depository. 


If you need a lawyer to register or re-register your company in Plovdiv, please contact the team of Kostov & Partners law firm here now:




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