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Representation in commercial disputes.

Kostov & Partners offers you legal representation in the following areas:

- legal defense in court phase in civil, commercial and administrative disputes
- domestic and international arbitration in commercial disputes;
- collection of bank loans;
- commercial debt recovery;
- tax cases;
- administrative cases relating to customs relations, import and export of goods;
- administrative cases relating to trademarks, industrial designs, patents;
- Concentration, monopoly, antimonopoly law-representation in administrative cases for the protection of natural monopolies before the CPC;
- concessions, public procurement - appeals against decisions of contracting authorities in respect of public procurement;
- insurance claims cases
- legal representation before special courts - Commission for Protection of Competition; Commission for Protection of Personal Data; Commission for Consumer Protection; Commission for Protection against Discrimination;
- banking law;

Representation in arbitration disputes.

The lawyers of Kostov & Partners have many years of professional experience in resolving disputes before the arbitration courts in Bulgaria, as well as before international arbitrations (for example, WIPO). Arbitration is the ultimate manifestation of the dispositive principle in civil procedure. Its mainstay is the dispositive power of the parties regarding their private property relations. In exercising this power, they may settle the disputed legal relationship themselves by means of a settlement agreement, but they may also entrust a third party of their choice to settle the dispute for them.

Unlike arbitration ad hoc, the arbitral institution is established with a view to resolving an unlimited number of disputes that may be assigned to it in the future. From that point of view, it is permanent. It is a non-state (public) arbitral institution which administers the conduct of arbitration in the cases assigned to the institution. It therefore has organs (chair, presidium, secretariat, etc.) and rules of procedure, which are not statutory. Its binding force on the parties to the dispute rests on their agreement to entrust it to the institution, and on the arbitrators' agreement to undertake the resolution of the dispute on behalf of the institution.

In the Republic of Bulgaria there is a court of arbitration at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In order for a dispute to be referred to the Court of Arbitration, an arbitration agreement (arbitration clause) must have been concluded between the parties, by which the parties declare that they agree that any future dispute between them will be resolved by an arbitral tribunal and accept its decision. Other popular arbitration tribunals for commercial disputes are those located in the city of Breslau. Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna.

If you are in need of an attorney specializing in commercial law and commercial arbitration in Plovdiv, please contact the team at Kostov & Partners here and now:

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