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Interview by Mr. Atanas Kostov on the realities of Bulgarian intellectual property.



1.Dear Mr. Kostov, could you introduce to our readers the law firm "IUSAUTHOR" - after all, it is one of the leading law offices in Bulgaria in the field of intellectual property protection? 

With pleasure. The law firm “Kostov & partners” was established in 2004, and to this day, almost 20 years later, it deals exclusively with intellectual property. I always say that our law firm is small, kind of boutique. It has, for example, created and trained several PhDs in law, and we have had many interesting cases over the years - we won an opposition case against Facebook, who opposed a trademark of a Bulgarian applicant that still exists today. Recently we settled the Chudomir(one of the most famous Bulgarian righters) copyright case, with a record compensation award for copyright claims in Bulgaria - 34,000 BGN, and last month we achieved a new record in this respect - 68,000 BGN compensation for copyright infringement, with the claim concerning unauthorised use of audio-visual content filmed in Bulgaria by Austrian producers.

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Protection of refugees in Bulgaria.




The protection granted by the Republic of Bulgaria to foreigners includes asylum, international protection and temporary protection.


The right to asylum in the Republic of Bulgaria is regulated by the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Asylum and Refugees Act (ARA). The Constitution defines the powers of the President to grant asylum. According to Article 27(2) of the Constitution, "the Republic of Bulgaria shall grant asylum to foreigners persecuted for their beliefs or activities in defence of internationally recognised rights and freedoms."


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